Residential cleaning service pricing information 

Every single residential cleaning job we encounter is very unique to the specific needs of each customer as well as the size of and conditions of each job can vary significantly.


In order to give an accurate quote or estimate the cost of the residential cleaning service that will best fit your needs, it is always best to schedule a day and time for us to come and take a look at the home or place of business so we can go over the details about what all needs to be addressed with you before we set up a service date. This will also give us a chance to meet face to face and become familiar with each other too. 


Move-out/Pre-move-in cleaning service pricing

Our move-out or pre-move in cleaning services can usually be calculated by the size of a home or building by the square footage. We only go by the square foot for homes or buildings that are completely empty or that have no furniture inside and are vacant spaces. For this type of service we normally charge around 18¢/SQ ft and this service covers everything from the ceilings, ceiling fans, fixtures down to the baseboards thru out the area. The cleaning of the inside of all drawers and cabinets are included in the cost for this service as well as all of the outer faces of drawers, appliance doors, cabinet doors and hardware. The only additional charges that may be assessed would be for cleaning the insides of any appliance (as in: ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.) and any carpet cleaning will be additionally charged per room. 

This service will leave the home or building in a move-in ready condition.

Carpet Cleaning price information

Under most typical circumstances, we usually charge $20-$35 for bedrooms and between $40-75 for larger rooms (living areas, hallways, dens, etc.) This price may vary depending on the condition of the carpet and the amount of stains that need removal per room or area being cleaned. We will give you a price once we get to see the carpet in person and we will honor the price you were given for 30 days.

We use professional carpet cleaning equipment approved for residential and commercial use with a carpet cleaning solution that we make ourselves which has offered the best results than any other name brand carpet cleaner we have ever used so far.

All carpeting will be tested in a small inconspicuous area of the room prior to using our equipment and/or solution to ensure the color and texture of carpeting will not fade or be damaged in any way. 



Note: To give an hourly rate could quite possibly be unfair to us and also to you in the event of additional time that may be required to complete certain tasks and to calculate the cost based on the size of a home may not be very accurate if the conditions are more severe in some than others.