What All We Do

  • Standard/Light to Deep cleaning service

  • Move out/Move in Prep cleaning service

  • Carpet cleaning and Stain removal

  • Odor elimination 

  • Floor cleaning 

  • Floor polishing

  • Organizing and decluttering

  • Home staging for homes listed for sale

  • Anti-microbial coating spray for surface disinfection and protection 

  • Garage clean outs/exterior pressure washing 

  • Upkeep cleaning service weekly, monthly or as often as needed.

We only use high quality household cleaning products that have been tested on various surface types and have delivered the best results over time. If there is a specific cleaning agent or solution you would like to be used in your home then we will be happy to use whatever products you provide. 

If you have any allergies or sensitivity to certain scented products or if there are certain products that you do not want used in your home then please just let us know. Most of our cleaning agents have either fresh/clean or floral noted scents. 

All the products we use are safe for each specific surface we are cleaning (only wood floor cleaning products are used on Wood flooring, granite and stone cleaners and polishes are used on stone counters and fixtures, disinfectant bleach cleaners are used in restrooms, stainless steel cleaner and polish for sinks and/or faces of appliances, etc.)

If you have any questions or concerns about which products we will be using in your home then please just ask and we will be glad to go over the details with you before any specific product is used to clean with.